#EduChange EC15

‘I have walked away enlightened and more driven than ever before Looking very forward to seeing what next year brings’

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What was EC15: EDUCHANGE all about?

EduChange was unlike any education conference in Australia. In fact the EC crew created a list of all the things that we don't like about education conferences and pretty much did the opposite. EduChange was less listening, more doing. It was less short term inspiration, more real application. Less theories, more stories. Less awkward networking, more team collaboration. On Friday we gathered in The Arena and activated the collective genius through a day of story telling and idea generating. There was real solution bias as each speakers tapped into the power of the participants, seeking advice, partnerships and solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by educators. On Saturday, it was a choose your own adventure, with over 50 sessions on the agenda. There were spaces to dive deeper into the stories of our changemakers, immerse in making and tinkering. Many spent the day with our team at the IDEAlab, tested their ideas with our expert panel of students. This was a day of doing.


The Tribe with your Vibe

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Following the success of EC14 and EC15, we are working hard to make EC16 the best education event in Australia

And this time, the tickets are free. Expect awesome. www.ec16.org


(Without them we couldn't run this event. We love them.)

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  • Almost home after an epic week with @Microsoft_EDU in Finland at the #MS_SummerInst and Leading Systems of the World Initiative #educhange 1 day ago
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